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About Our Company

Welcome to Fantasy Jump Gifts “where you become a Star!” We are a company located in San Bernardino, California. Our services include manufacturing all type of inflatables for both commercial and home use. Count the work is 100% guaranteed satisfying your high standard criteria. In addition our Repair Team are the best seamstress in California providing low cost and professional repairs and modifications on existing inflatables. Looking to book an event? We have a extensive inventory of Tables, Chairs, Canopies, DJ, Pinatas and more. We are a One-Stop store for all your Party Needs. Give us a call we will be more than happy to assist you by providing you the best service. Email us at fantasyjumpgifts@gmail.com for Business inquires only. Don’t forget to visit us on our Social Sites; Instagram/Twitter/Yelp we love to hear from you! (*HABLAMOS ESPANOL*).

    Contact Details

    We specialize in Inflatables; such as the manufacturing of all type of inflatables. As well as repairing damage on already existing inflatables both to the personal and business community. Locally we as well do all type of party rental items.

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    126 S Arrowhead Ave

    Phone: + (909) 233-0506

    Questions: + (909) 233-0506

    Support: sales@fantasyjumpgifts.com